Necessary documents

Renting a camper van requires a valid driving permit and passport. The rented van may be driven by persons who are at least 21 years old and have had a category B driving permit for at least 2 years. If the lessee is a legal person then the contract for using the vehicle is concluded by the board member or a person authorised by them, who will provide documents certifying the authorisation to the rental company (power of attorney, letter of guarantee, copy of the registry file in the Commercial Register).

How to book

The booking fee of the van is €300. Booking confirmation is the receipt of the booking fee to the bank account of Lakorda Holding OÜ at 123123123123 BANK. The booking fee is not returned, but becomes part of the rental fee.


The lessee of the camper van must pay a security of €400 for covering contractual claims, which is returned upon the termination of the contract if all conditions are met.

Term of rent and mileage

The minimum rent period of camper vans is three full days. If a van is returned more than 1 hour later than the time previously agreed upon, then one day’s fee may be added to the total amount. Therefore, we suggest that you notify the rental company well in advance about any changes in the time and/or place of returning the van. Camper vans have a mileage limitation of 500 km per rental day. Each exceeded km costs €0.8.


Rental prices include the cost of oils, maintenance, mandatory traffic insurance and full Casco insurance. The rental price does not include the cost of fuel. The daily price applies to 24 hours starting from the moment of rent.


The expected rental fee and the own liability of the renter is generally paid immediately before the start of the rental period. Final settlement takes place after the vehicle is returned to the lessor. You can pay by bank transfer and in cash.


Rent prices for camper vans include accident insurance with own liability of the renter €400 and theft insurance with own liability of the renter of 15% of the cost of the vehicle. Tyres and rims are not insured and the renter bears complete material liability for tyres as well as rims. In the case of theft of the van, the renter must provide the car keys and registration of the vehicle. In the case of a traffic accident, be sure to notify the police and get their written confirmation for the insurance. You must also immediately contact the rental company (contact information is on the rent contract).

Entry into force and termination of contract

Each signed contract is binding – also if you did not read it through or understand it. We recommend that you always read the terms and conditions of a contract before signing and specify details if necessary. Later complaints are not satisfied or are resolved in court.

Use in Estonia and the EU

The client must not drive the rented camper van outside of the European Union. This desire must be approved in writing with the rental company at least 14 days before the start of the rental period.

Condition of the camper van

The camper van is handed over to you filled with fuel, washed and in technical order. When you receive the car, we suggest that you inspect it thoroughly and mark all damages (incl. scratches) in the contract, otherwise you may also be at fault for damages which the car already had. The lessor is not directly or indirectly liable for damages which may incur due to a fault of the camper van and if the trip is interrupted or delayed because of this. If the fault occurs during the rental period then the renter may demand for a decrease in price, if the lessor cannot prove to have done everything in their power to keep the vehicle in proper order.


The car is handed over to you with a full fuel tank. If you return the van with a tank which is not full, a €200 contractual penalty is added to the rental fee. The renter covers the damage caused by incorrect fuel.

Terms of acceptance and return of the van

The rental period begins at 11:00 on the rental day and ends at 11:00 on the final day of rent unless agreed otherwise. The van must be returned with the interior carefully cleaned, the toilet section emptied as the van was at the moment of leasing and 1 one of the gas containers filled. The renter is not required to clean the outside. The lessor has the right to demand for money for cleaning if the van is not sufficiently cleaned. Cleaning the interior costs €40. Upon returning the car, the renter and the lessor perform an inspection together. Faults which were not there at the time of renting the car and which cannot be considered regular wear and tear are covered by the renter on the basis of the price list of the agency. If the renter does not return the van on time, then the lessor has the right to demand for double rent for the delayed days.

Claims of third persons (liability insurance)

All claims of third persons caused by the renter and/or users of the van during the rental period (e.g. traffic violations, parking fines, decisions of a fine for delay, car towing, etc.) are to be fully compensated by the renter and/or users of the car also in retrospect.

Other circumstances

You must not transport pets and smoke in the van. Violation of this requirement involves a contractual penalty of €100.

Equipment of the van

All vehicles are equipped with anti-theft devices. During the winter period, all camper vans are equipped with winter tyres.